pillpictureDoesn’t sound like much of a match, right? About as exciting as watching two boxers with their hands tied behind their backs? Betty White, the Golden Girl, beloved comedic genius who has experienced an unheard of resurgence in popularity vs. the trusted caretaker of your family pet.

Well, she probably didn’t realize when she became an endorser of online veterinary drugs that many vets would see her as a reason behind their clinics’ decline in revenue. Many veterinary clinics relied too heavily on prescription drug sales to keep their doors open and when they started losing business, they needed someone to blame.

Forward thinking clinics realized that change happens in any business and you either adapt or perish. Good clinics also realize that the services they provide such as wellness care, surgical treatments, advanced diagnostics and trusted care and counseling from anything to the first puppy visit to end-of-life issues CAN and SHOULD be the mainstays of a healthy clinic.

The fact that there is a large enough market for online pharmacies and retail pharmacies to want a share is proof that people care for their pets and want the best for them. GREAT!! We are Americans and are smart enough to shop around for the best price. It’s capitalism at work. GREAT!!


We don’t expect you to pay twice as much for something, but sometimes, the difference is very small. Especially at Orchard Road Animal Hospital, we have become extremely competitive and sometimes LESS EXPENSIVE. And every dollar you spend at your veterinary clinic is money that can be used to maintain a good staff with benefits, up-to-date equipment, continuing education for the professional staff and IT STAYS LOCAL. If you spend it on online pharmacies, none of that is true. Again, we understand when a price cannot be beaten, but you owe it to yourself and your pet to spend locally if it makes sense.

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Dr. Huffman



cartoonhurtdog2It’s getting warm again!! We are all excited to get out and about and do the things we love. Not only are we getting ready to rid ourselves of our cabin fever, but our dogs are wanting to get out there, too. ┬áSome dogs are so excited that they may get off leash or out from under our legs, right out the door and into dangerous roads or situations with other dogs, coyotes, etc.

If something bad were to happen, we want you to know what to do. The main thing you should do is stay calm, breathe, and then see if someone can drive you to the vet’s office while you attend to your pet. If you have a chance, call the office where you are headed. Most people think that if they make a phone call, they are wasting precious time, but the time you take to make that call could save your pet’s life. If we know you are on the way, we can ready an IV set, turn our oxygen on, have crash carts and EKG machines at the ready and doctors can be alerted. Other clients can be alerted to clear the way and we can let them know the doctor may need to leave the exam room mid-exam on their pet to deal with your pet in an emergency.

In order to be extra prepared, join Orchard Road Animal Hospital’s own Dr. Kristen Kennedy for her seminar on pet first aid and CPR. ┬áParticipants will also learn how to help bandage an animal’s wounds and help an animal that is choking.

But, remember as always, prevention and preparation are the best medicine. Keep those furry family members on leash and get prepared so if something unfortunate happens, you will be ready to help them out.